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A seemingly small step for man—yet a giant leap for mortgage-kind.

Whether you're a lender, servicer, insurer or investor, you can now dramatically accelerate the adoption of technologies by eliminating the complexities involved with integrations, data model mapping and security.

Be ready to change the way you view technology with the Staircase API marketplace.

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Imagine being able to add or remove integrations to partners and vendors in 20 minutes—even the GSEs. Imagine true plug-and-play integrations that are so effortless, you can connect to an infinite number of partners, ensuring you always leverage the best available solution, no matter the circumstance. Integrations so simple that you can easily vet new vendors and perform security evaluations.

Forget the days of having to invest months and months into building integrations, or spending years maintaining APIs to keep up with changing technologies.

Regardless of what loan origination or point of sale system you use, the entire market of business partners is now just a click away.

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In a Nutshell
Reduce integration costs and timelines
Send and receive data effortlessly in your own language
Improve functionality of your technology solutions
Ensure real-time information security and compliance
Reduce the complexity of your operations and scale quickly
Produce fully digital loans through our comprehensive network of partners
You're Covered
The Staircase API infrastructure platform brings a new world of efficiency to manufacturing, selling, and servicing mortgage loans.
Borrower Verification & Collateral Assessment
Bring together best-in-class partners and the data you need to verify borrowers and collateral in one place, for quicker, more reliable borrower verifications.
Accelerate the loan underwriting and decisioning process while both saving money and improving downstream data quality.
Loan Origination
Speed up originations and lower IT costs by accessing LOS, POS, and underwriting, title and closing platforms through a single, secure, seamless platform that places all the data you need at your fingertips.
Mortgage Insurance & Servicing
Remove time and cost when onboarding and servicing loans, improve loan data quality, reduce audit costs, and obtain highly accurate insurance cost determinations.
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